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How To Properly Prime Your Fuel Filter with VCDS (2009+ Models)

It is vital to prime your fuel filter to remove all air and prevent air from getting to sensitive fuel injection components.  To properly purse your filter you will need to use a VCDS (formerly known as a VAG-COM).

Open up VCDS and follow these instructions:

[01 – Engine
[Basic Settings - 04]
Set Group to “035”
The electric fuel pump should run for 30 seconds

  • If the vehicle had a simple repair such as a fuel filter that should be a sufficient amount of time for the filter to fill up.
  • If the engine had extensive repairs such as injector replacement and/or fuel system flushing this process should be repeated no less than 3 times. Click [On/Off/Next] to reinitialize the process if needed.

[Done, Go Back]

Always exit and quite VCDS before shutting down the vehicle.

Thanks to Ross-Tech for this information!

2012 Golf TDI Long-Term Test: Chapter 2 – Interior Small Details…

Most new cars feel “solid” when they are brand new, sitting on the lot. That solid feeling ends really quickly for many cars, but VWs always seemed immune, you could get into a VW with 200,000 miles on it and still get that satisfying solid feel from it. Then again VW interiors haven’t been known for their durability. The MkIV Jetta and Golf have serious peeling problems with dashboard pieces. The MkVI Golf was supposed to be an improvement in all areas, and in this article I will go over why I think that is true…
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2012 Golf TDI Long-Term Test: Chapter 1 – Delivery and Initial Drive

The 2012 Golf TDI is the 2nd model year production of the highly anticipated MkVI Golf TDI with VW’s new 2.0L, common-rail “clean diesel”. All of us here at TDIBlog are staunch fans of the earlier TDIs, so its taken lots of convincing to try out one of the new models.

2012 Golf TDI Side Shot
2012 Golf TDI Side Shot - Note the Blue "I"

This is chapter one of what may be a 10-year long-term test, to see if this Golf TDI is as spectacular as its older sibling.

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2012 Passat TDI Full Review, Chapter 2

Chapter One of our 2012 Passat TDI Full Review comes from Peter, TDIBlog Editor, Priciple of IDParts.com and long time enthusiast and member of TDIClub.com.

I had the opportunity to drive the Passat several times over a three day period, covering over 100 miles total.  I drove it on a variety of roads including freeways, suburban streets, winding country roads, state highways, mostly in light to moderate traffic.  Here are my impressions.

Passat 2012 Side View
Front, Angled Shot

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2012 Passat TDI – Just Announced!

UPDATE: We’ve had a chance to to a full test of the 2012 Passat, start here TDIBlog – 2012 Passat TDI First Drive Review

We at TDIBlog are THRILLED – the 2012 Passat on VW’s new platform (built in the US at the Tennessee plant) will be available with the 2.0L Common Rail Diesel!  With a published 43 mpg on the highway the 2012 Passat TDI should be able to break the coveted 800 miles-per-tank threshold.


Additionally, VW notes that the DSG transmission is optional, which suggests to us that the 2012 Passat TDI would be available with the same 6-speed manual transmission available on the Jetta.  If the Passat TDI does return with a manual transmission option it will be the first time in 14 years since a diesel and a stick were available together in the US market – 1997 was the last year of the B4 Passat TDI.

A Quick Review of the 2.0 Passat TDI Specs as they currently stand:

  • Common Rail, Direct Injection
  • 236 lbs/ft torque
  • 140 horsepower
  • 43 Highway MPG
  • 18.1 Gallon Fuel Tank

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