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MkVI Jetta TDI 2.0L CR [2011- ]

In September of 2010 VW revealed that the newest US market VW Jetta would be built on a completely new platform, unlike all previous generation Jettas that shared the Golf platform.  This new generation Jetta would be, at first, US market only and be the first VW to be manufactured in the USA, in Chattanooga Tennessee.

VW’s goal was to build a high-volume seller and the starting price was under $16k.  This was obtained by reintroducing the 2.0L naturally aspirated gasoline engine (lovingly referred to as the 2.Slow).  The TDI powered model started at a more moderate $23k.

Read our MkVI Jetta TDI First Drive

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  1. Sally says

    How wonderful to find your blog! Once I owned a diesel rabbit. Now I am looking to buy a new car that gets good milage and can tow my teardrop trailer that weighs 1,300 pounds for road trips. The Jetta wagon TDI may be a better choice than a small SUV. Hmmm.

  2. John says

    OK, I like my 2012 Passat TDI so much that I just bought a 2011 Jetta Sportswagon TDI. It was a dealer loaner, and got it from the originating dealer for well under Kelley’s blue book pricing. The question is, since its actually built on a Golf platform, is the Golf TDI info more relevant or the Jetta? I pick the car up in a few days and am excited to move from my 17 mpg Jeep Laredo to the Sportswagon.

  3. John says

    I came out of a hotel this morning during a business trip and walked over to my JSW TDI. A couple were standing next to their Lexus Lh 200 that was parked next to me:

    Man – That your VW?
    Me – Yep
    Man – How fast will it go?
    Me – I’m not sure, the dealer said it was electronically governed at 132 mph
    Man – Mine won’t do that, what kind of mileage does it get
    Me – That I do know. I average about about 45 mpg on highway.
    Man – Mine don’t get that…
    Woman – But our Lexus looks better, let’s go.

    I smiled at him and drove away.

  4. alexander says

    If you are looking for a new clean diesel car, I would like to suggest you to go with the new VW Jetta TDI diesel as it is known for achieving highly economical MPG ratings along with providing decent clean output power.

  5. Max says

    Hi everyone! I just had my brand new Jetta tdi 2012 yesterday! I’m so in love with it!
    John this is exactly the same discussion that I have sith my coworker!!

    Nice looking…?!?! a Lexus Lh200..??? for Daddys ok… possibly!!

    The Jetta have a very nice looking.. and so fun to drive!!

  6. johnny cucinella says

    hi i have a 2001 jetta tdi i removed the cat on it . the cat charged my hole in take system
    after i removed it. the car ran 100% better never gave me a problem ever a gen i know have 200k still run like new doz not bern eny oil. i change the oil ery 5k with 5w40 synthetic
    and the fuel filter ery 20k i got this car new in 2000 .
    now im looking to get a new car a gen and i was thinking about getting 2013 jetta tdi
    can i remove the cat this without check light

  7. Taylor says

    What is the real MPG?
    EPA says 30 city & 42 Highway. Yet some peoper are reporting higher. What you are getting with your Jetta TDI MPG combined?

  8. John says

    I’ve put 25,000 miles on my Sportwagen, it gets about 45 on the highway and 38 overall. I’ve never ran a tank of gas on city only but I’d guess in to be about 34 or 35.

  9. Keith says

    I bought a 2011 Jetta TDI leftover a little over a year ago, specifically since i drive so far each day. in a year i had over 30k on the car already, and in april i’m closely approaching 40k. as a commuter car it can’t be beat! avg about 40-42 MPG in Boston traffic with all the hills and everything in central mass. still manages over 500 miles per tank. After driving US cars for years i can’t be happier with how SOLID this car is. Nothing but praise from me for this car, i’m a beliver now.

  10. Todd says

    Can the 2012 Jetta be fitted with a front bug deflector? Who manufactures one?

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