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MkVI Golf TDI 2.0L CR [2010+]

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  1. Steven Nottingham says

    I purchased the 2010 GOLF TDI June of 2010 and drive a very long commute to work and return, mountains and highway. My odometer just rolled over 73,000. This is an amazing car. I change the oil and filters per the recommended intervals and my mileage is always 46 mpg or higher. Cruising at 70-75 mph, rpm’s about 1900 mileage is routinely at or above 46mpg. If I cool it a little with the speed, 51-53 is not uncommon. VW has a winner with the TDI technology.

    • Corey@IDParts says

      Steven – thats a lot of miles in one year! TDI motors do the best with drivers that drive long distances. Great fuel economy too! Thats pretty much on par with my 2000 Golf TDI 2-Door.

  2. Luke says

    And mine 2011 Golf, DSG TDI , purchased in May of last year (2011) has 35,840 miles on it. I drive 125 99% freeway driving miles a day.

  3. Chetz says

    Hi Steven. I also have a 2010 VW Golf TDI with DSG. I only have around 28,000 miles on it and mostly highway driving. Currently, the 3 year new car company warranty takes care of all the maintenance and other charges. I would like to know from your experience, how much does a regular maintenance cost? Do you go to a VW dealer for it or just an independent mechanic is good enough? I love the car but worry about the reliability and the expenses it might bring down the line.

    Also, my car came with 17inch wheels. Do you think putting 15 inch wheels might improve the gas mileage and make the ride more comfortable? Thanks.

    • Corey@IDParts says

      You’ve come to the right place! First – don’t go to the dealer. Second – go to and read up, you can do all the regular maintenance yourself. Third – check out, they are the best TDI source on the web and they have “service kits” that can save you a lot of money.

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